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SUV & Mini Van Tents

If you are looking for a tent to fit on your SUV or Mini Van you have come to the right spot. We have put together the largest selection of vehicles tent found any where for your quick and easy viewing.

The Sportz SUV Tents quickly transforms your SUV or Minivan into a comfortable home away from home. This innovative tent wraps around the cargo area of your vehicle, allowing total access to your vehicle for storage or as an additional sleeping area. This spacious tent provides sleeping space for six along with the additional space provided by your SUV or Minivan. The patented removable sleeve can be completely removed to convert the tent into a stand-alone ground tent making it easy to drive away from your campsite.

Outback SUV Mini Van Tent

Outback SUV Tent Mini-Van Tent (Mid-Size & Full-Size)

Unique design allows tent to stand alone or attach easily to the back of most sport utility vehicles for additional sleeping space.

10' X 10' X 7'10" Delivered $279.95 Information Here

Sportz Mid-Size SUV Tents / Van Tent (Mid-Size SUVs)

Attaches to the back of your SUV / Mini Van. Can be used as a stand alone tent. Made for mid-size SUVs and Mini-Vans. Will not fit full large or full size vans.

8'5" X 8'5" X 7'2"

Delivered $339.95 Information Here

SUV Tent with Screened Room... NEW

This new SUV Tent quickly transforms your SUV or Mini-van into a comfortable home away from home. The new detachable screen room provides you bug free enjoyment in the great outdoors.

10' X 10' X 7'2"

Delivered $369.95

Information Here

Explorer II Tent for Mid-Size SUVs and Mini-Vans

Explorer 2 Tent fits SUVs, minivans, Sport Utility Vehicles and similar vehicles with rear lift gates or hatchbacks. Enjoy vehicle tent camping at its best!

Mid-Size $149.95 Information Here

Sportz Dome To Go Hatch Back Tent

Sportz Dome To Go Sm. SUV Tents (compact Vehicles)

This tent was designed with compact vehicles in mind. The tent fits hatchback vehicles and station wagons and provides the most versatility and flexibility in camping.

8 X 8 Delivered $279.95 Information Here

Full Size Camper Top Truck Tent

Mid Size & Full Size Camper Top Truck Tents

Camper Top Tents fit some SUVs, sport utility vehicles, and trucks with camper shells, or caps, with a tailgate and rear window that raises up and out. Vehicle tent camping at its best!

Available in 2 sizes $149.95 Information Here

Safari Tents for SUVs

Safari SUV Mini-Van Cabin Tent (Mid-Size & Full-Size)

Cabin Sleeve Allows Access to Your Vehicle: Connect the Cabin to the Trunk Space for Extra Sleeping or Storage Room.

10' X 8'4" X 6'10" Not Available Information Here

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